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09 February

Team RSAWEB stands strong in The Herald

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The Herald VW Cycle Tour, is one of the premiere road cycling events on the competitive cycling calendar, and attracts the top cycling talent from all around the country.

Carl Pasio secured a 4th place for Team RSAWEB, battling some challenging racing conditions, and stiff competition.

Carl took some time out to tell us about the race:

The conditions for the race weren’t ideal, and in my opinion, seemed quite dangerous. With approximately 100 riders at the start, we had a strong head wind on the way out for the first 20km, and although it cleared up at 30 – 40 km into the race, it was still really misty. Visibility was poor, there were massive potholes which were filled with water due to the rain, and the road was damp and slippery.  At the 70km mark we turned with a tail wind, which seemed to clear everything up. As a rider, I enjoy the wind, because I’m bigger and heavier than most, but the smaller riders tend to feel it more, which worked in my favour.

Our strategy for the day was to ride in favour of Rob (Quinn), to protect him and deliver him to the line first, but when the split happened, I had managed to be in the split that got away, so immediately our strategy changed to that of Rob and the rest of the team playing a more defensive role.

With 20km remaining, I attacked from the leading group to which Tyler Day reacted immediately. I knew the route as it was the same as the SA Road Championships Time Trial route, which I had ridden 3 days prior, and I had a feeling that I had the upper legs on Day. I got away, but unfortunately, with 5km towards the finish line, the bunch caught me… I had the lead, it didn’t last, but it was close.

07 February

Double gold for Team RSAWEB at SA Championships

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Team RSAWEB rider, Robert Quinn, secured two gold medals at the SA Road Championships held in Port Elizabeth this past weekend. Competing in the 30 – 34 age category, Rob dominated in both the Time Trial and Road Race.

Team RSAWEB’s celebrations continued with Edward Green taking 5th place (U23) in the Time Trial and 6th in the Road Race; Carl Pasio taking 7th (Elites) place in the Time Trial; and Neville Cragg securing 4th place (Sub Vet category) in the Road Race.

An overall impressive showing at the SA Road Championships for Team RSAWEB – Nice to know that we’ve got some of South Africa’s fastest riders in our team.

Team RSAWEB rider, Neville Cragg, shares his SA Champs Road Race experience with us:

Team RSAWEB travelled to PE on a mission. Four Sub-vet men of varying talents were assembled to defend our jersey – The South African National Championship jersey for the 30 – 34 age category. Robert Quinn didn’t want to let it go, and had simple advice for us:

“Ride as if you are the champion defending your own jersey.”

Upon arrival at PE, we were treated to our new team kit – stunning neon red Champion-Systems gear, complete from head to toe including jerseys, arm warmers, gloves, bibs, warmers, gillet and socks completed the look of the best dressed team in the peloton.

The start was fast with a steady pace. I decided to cover moves early – Luke Phieffer jumped and I followed – the bunch speed was relatively slow so we were brought back immediately, but a minute later Luke went again, with me right on his wheel, this time the bunch didn’t follow, which left a big gap pretty soon and with the tight course, we were soon out of sight.

On Lap 4, above Climb 2, we were bridged by Jaco Fereirra, a TCS pro and serious threat. He was alone, and I couldn’t see Rob (Quinn). I had to slow him down, but not get dropped – Luke and Jaco could now work together. They knew they I was dragging and conspired to drop me, with dead wheels and hill attacks coming mostly from Jaco, but he couldn’t shake me in a sprint. I attacked on the downhill before Climb 2 – mostly to get a jump on the climb – but effectively shelling Luke who was already struggling on the hills. This was good as they couldn’t work on me in tandem anymore, and Jaco  needed a ‘helping hand’ if he wanted to stay away. I couldn’t take him on myself though, he is too good a climber and would drop me with a lap to spare if we went head-to-head.

I attacked on the plateau and downhill to get him out of my slip and make some breathing space for Climb two. It worked, but looking back as Jaco passed me, I saw Rob coming up the climb behind me – with a second TCS rider, Clive Seebrechts and Jac-Louis van Wyk. I left Jaco and waited for Rob, as they coupled my back wheel I paced Rob back to Jaco.

Neville Cragg (front) with Rob Quinn.

I stuck with Rob to counter an attack from the other riders. I rested on the flats and killed myself on the climbs, but got dropped as the TCS Riders took turns attacking me off. I would however crawl back into contact after each time and rejoin while Rob played sheepdog on the climbs. We had a formed a gap of five minutes on the bunch.

Jaco escaped on Lap 7, and by Lap 8 we needed to reel him in. With Rob on my wheel, I closed the gap – over the start/finish he had 200m, and by the time we arrived at the climb there was less than 20m gap.  I had closed all I could, Rob thanked me and said it was now up to him.

The remaining portion after Climb 2 was easy, flat, fast and mostly downhill, I passed a few tail-enders and kept looking back into the empty space behind me. I was 4th over the line – ecstatic and completely in disbelief… then a spectator shouted:

“Your team mate won!”

We had done it! Rob had ridden a calculated race and blown them away in the sprint. The jersey was ours – mission accomplished.

Rob Quinn crossing the finish line at the SA Championships Road Race.

24 January

Team RSAWEB takes second place in Boland Drukpers

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Team RSAWEB took to the streets of Paarl this past weekend for the second race of the Pro Classic Series Summer League – Boland Drukpers Funride. The 100km route started at Kronenburg,where the riders traveled along the R45, crossing the Wellington four-way stop towards Malmesbury. After a brief cycle through Malmesbury, the riders entered onto the R301 towards Durbanville and then left onto the R312 at the “fruit sellers” four-way stop, and left again onto the R44, heading back toward Kronenburg.

Team RSAWEB member, Robert Quinn reflects on the race:

With a gale force tail wind at the start, we didn’t expect any action until we reached Malmesbury where we’d turn right-angled into the wind. Instead within 15km of starting, the bunch split into several groups – 3 riders tore away after 20km before a 7-strong chase group caught up. 10 riders then worked together and stayed clear of any further groups threatening to bridge the gap.  Daikin, Team RSAWEB, Cape Town Market, Brother’s Sport and IntelliBus were all present in this group.

There was harmony in this break-away down the R304, until a left turn caused the wind to come in hard from the right. With little space on the left of the road, the attacks were imminent. Initially, 3 riders escaped (2 Team RSAWEB and 1 Cape Town Market), but were caught momentarily before 5 more riders got away and maintained their lead. These 5 riders (2 Team RSAWEB, 1 Cape Town Market, 1 Daiken and 1 unattached) rotated the load with great difficulty against the wind. Darren Lill (Cape Town Market) attacked down the left with Team RSAWEB rider, Carl Pasio, in hot pursuit. Carl barely got into Darren’s slip-stream before he kicked again, and Carl lost his wheel. The 3 remaining riders then absorbed Carl in an unsuccessful attempt to catch Darren. The competition for 2nd place got the better of the chase group, who finished a few minutes after Darren. I won the sprint for 2nd place, with Moolman Welgemoed of Daikin taking 3rd, and Carl coming in at 5th.

Robert Quinn (2nd) with Darren Lill (1st) and Moolman Welgemoed (3rd)

Boland Drukpers route map

Boland Drukpers route profile

17 January

Second place for Team RSAWEB at Cape Cobra race

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With an almost perfect day in Cape Town, hundreds of enthusiastic cyclists turned up for the opening race of the PCL Summer League series. The Cape Cobra was bound to be an exciting race as most of the riders were out to test their fresh legs after a festive season of relaxation and good eating. Due to the South African Championships being held earlier this year (first week of February), top athletes from around the country came out to gain some valuable racing experience, and to see what sort of form the other cyclists were in. Two new teams to the peloton, Team RSAWEB and Team Brothers Sport, brought a new and interesting dynamic to the race. Both these teams were well represented and resulted in a more distributed load in team strengths.

The Cape Cobra is a well known race and is considered as one of the toughest road races in the Western Cape. The 85km race started at Reddam House School in Constantia and took riders over some of the most challenging climbs along the Cape Peninsula.

Team RSAWEB rider, Carl Pasio, reflects on the race:

A hard tempo was set from the start as many teams tried to get a rider or two off the front of the peloton. It was not long into the race when the first decisive move went off the front. Robert Quinn from Team RSAWEB had initiated this move on Boyes Drive and had got away with riders from Cape Town Market, Team Brothers Sport and Diakin Gu. This move put pressure on teams that were not present in the move, such as GT Maties. Defending Spring League champion Christiaan Kriek (GT Maties) was first to react and set a hard pace in pursuit of closing the break. On summiting Black Hill for the first time, the peloton closed down the breakaway group of Robert Quinn.

With the group all back together, the riders headed towards Kommetjie where they were to tackle the short but steep Slangkop climb. A hard pace was set up the climb by Darren Lill (Cape Town Market) and Edward Greene (Team RSAWEB), and it was not long before the peloton was strung out in a long line and gaps between riders were starting to form. The race wasn’t going to be determined here though, as a long decent allowed riders to rejoin the front riders. A long and gradually climbing road took the riders along Misty Cliffs towards the Cape Peninsula, where many attacks went off the front.

The descent from Smit’s Winkel into Simons Town brought the riders to the bottom of Military Climb – it was here that the race was to be determined. Team RSAWEB timed the lead out to this climb perfectly – I was launched away with riders Darren Lil, Stefan Ihlenfeldt (Cape Town Market) and Oliver Munick (Mr Price GT). The steep concrete path that took the riders to the top created massive gaps in the peloton and left Team Diakin Gu with no riders present in the break away.

The four break away riders,  Oliver Munick, Darren Lill , Stefan Ihlenfeldtx and myself  worked well together and soon opened up a decisive gap over the chasing peloton. After climbing Black Hill for the second time, the riders descended towards Silvermine, where they would tackle the final 7km assent up Ou Kaapse Weg to the finish line.

At the start of the final climb it was Darren Lill who began to attack, and it was not long before the first victim, Oliver Munick was dropped. This resulted in me being alone to fight the duo of Cape Town Market, and I set a consistent hard tempo to prevent any attacks going off the front. In the final kilometer all three riders rode side by side, and it was in the last 300m that the final sprint began. Stefan Ihlenfeldt took the honors, followed by myself in second, and Darren Lill in third. Team RSAWEB rider, Edward Greene, made a good effort up the final climb to finish in a respectable fourth place.

06 December

Team RSAWEB takes 2nd place at Die Burger

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This past weekend Team RSAWEB were amongst over 6,500 cyclists who competed in Die Burger Cycle Tour in Stellenbosch. Robert Quinn of Team RSAWEB finished in a time of 2:29.27, resulting in a close second place to Moolman Welgemoed (Daiken GU) who won Die Burger in a time of 2:29.24.

Robert Quinn reflects on the race:

40km into the race, and our breakaway of 3 cyclists had created a gap of approximately 2 minutes – it almost felt too good to be true, with the 3 “chiefs” from 3 teams casually riding off the front 15km into the race. We rotated a high pace evenly through Paarl, and at 65km out, we received word that a 10-strong group where hunting us 35 seconds back. We upped our load and refused to get caught, but the pack was snapping at our heels for 15km when suddenly they gave up and re-merged back into the peloton. With 20km to go, we turned directly into the wind and then had the final rollers and a 40 second gap to contend with.

I pressed hard over the climbs, possibly too hard as I busted a rear wheel spoke, and tackled with a rim hitting the break-pads – I made my best adjustments, but still struggled. Moolman had opened a gap by this time and Traduex Ordernaal (Cape Town Market) had lost touch. I managed to close the gap, but due to my busted rear wheel spoke, I knew I wasn’t able to sprint and had to stay seated for the remainder of the race. My only fear was being caught with no podium position as a result, so I gave it my all and surprisingly maintained a healthy gap to finish with 2nd place to a former SA Champion sprinter.