15 May

NetProphet an outstanding success

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Feedback from the NetProphet conference has exceeded all our expectations. Originally planned as a 100 delegate conference, then 200, it quickly expanded to 450 registered users, so much so that registration had to be closed! On the day an extra row of chairs had to be put out to accomodate all the delegates.

The speakers were fantastic, they also managed to keep the topics less technical and more informative so it wasnt just another geek event. The appeal was across industries, not just IT. They shared insights into what they do with real world examples of their experiences and advice on how to build your own web-enabled business. The content from the event will be posted with video and slides on the Netprophet website to allow more people access to the excellent content.

Some comments: Arthur Goldstuck said “I have never seen so many people at an Internet Conference before”, Peter Flynn said “All software will ultimately be web-based” and Mike Stopforth“How conferences in SA should be run”

RSAWEB was one of the headline sponsors to make NetProphet possible, along with sister company WhiteWallWeb and the Innovation Fund. There is talk that Cape Town has become the “Silicon Cape” – the Silicon Valley of Africa and NetProphet has helped enable that!

Twitter was also a major success factor in the conference, with a twitter fountain pulling up all the #Netprophet tags. We managed to ‘trend’ into the Top 10 and got to be the 2nd most talked about topic on twitter in the world for over 2 hours.

NetProphet was conceived by the Directors of the RAMP Foundation and is a new initiative created to inspire creativity and the flow of ideas among entrepreneurs and stake-holders who operate in the internet-tech space in Africa & South Africa.

If you missed the event this year, go and register now on the Netprophet website for updates around the next event.

The conference

24 July

Zimbra releases Desktop Client

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ZimbraToday Zimbra, RSAWEB’s email service of choice, released version 3 of its desktop email client. Designed to compete with Outlook, Thunderbird and Mac Mail the software allows users to sync their desktop with their Zimbra mailbox for offline access. The product promises the robust features of Outlook, which are lacking in Outlook Express and Thunderbird. Users can access Zimbra accounts, or any Pop/IMAP supported email boxes. Zimbra Desktop also includes a calendar, contact list and other useful features.

Zimbra also received the backing of Michael Arrington from the well known tech blog Techcrunch, here is what he had to say:

I like the ability to tag items, collapse conversations, and perform web and local searches via the search bar in the top right corner of the app. If I wasn’t all Mac across the board to keep things synced properly, I’d use Zimbra permanently.

Get Zimbra Desktop here, and if you are not already using Zimbra, take a look on our website.

Zimbra Desktop Inbox Zimbra Desktop Calendar Zimbra Desktop Map
RSAWEB is an authorised Zimbra Hosting Partner.

25 June

ADSL upload speed upgraded to 512k confirmed

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RSAWEB ADSLIt has been confirmed, Telkom has increased the ADSL Broadband upload speeds. We have confirmed that one of our 4MB testing lines has been upgraded to 512k.

ADSL 512k Upload speed

Upload speeds for all 3 line types have been adjusted. All 384k lines will be upgraded to 128k upload (from 64k), all 512k lines will be upgraded to 256k from 192k.

This is great news as more data calls will be able to be pushed over a single DSL line. This affects services like VoIP and sending of large emails and documents from an office will also now be faster than before.

20 June

New 30GB Fibre DSL

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Business DSLDue to popular customer demand, we’ve decided to include a 30GB Business DSL Fibre package to our Business DSL offering. Geared to fill the gap between the 10 and 50GB options, the new 30GB option is available to you as of today!

Since the inclusion of our new Capped Business DSL range, we’ve had great feedback from customers who’ve enjoyed enhanced performance & throughput, with speed tests coming in just short of the maximum 4MB/s maximum download speed.

International ping times are also vastly improved with the fibre option (300ms) in comparison to the traditional satellite option (750ms), enabling faster international browsing, quicker VPN’s and improved VoIP service speeds.

17 June

4 Servers for the price of 1

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RSAWEB Virtual Servers

How do we achieve this? – by using Virtualization technology: Virtualization in the context of server hosting, is the practice of creating multiple ‘virtual’ servers using one single physical server. This is done in such a way, that the Virtual Servers behave and appear as if they were separate physical servers. Each Virtual Server can have it’s own Operating System installed that can be rebooted independently.

This is done using a software virtual machine monitor, such as ‘Xen’, which acts as the primary application layer, allowing another layer of multiple guest operating systems to be installed on each virtual server.

In short, Virtualization gives you the luxury of multiple Operating Systems, without the cost of extra hardware.

RSAWEB’s Dedicated Server packages all come with a Virtualization option at no extra charge, allowing clients to install their own choice of 4 different Operating Systems. Virtualization works with both Windows and Linux, allowing you the ability to run them both on one server.

Need more info? speak to one of our account managers on 0861 RSAWEB.