29 October

Why we peer openly with other ISPs

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Following recent aggressive peering moves by local ISPs (namely Mweb), peering has once again come to the fore as an issue the ISP industry needs to grapple with.

Firstly, here are the facts concerning RSAWEB customers:

1. We peer openly

We peer openly (settlement free) with all other ISPs, including Mweb. This means that Mweb customers accessing RSAWEB hosted content will not be affected at all by recent events. All traffic between Mweb and RSAWEB is routed locally, and openly.

2. We have our own network and Data Centres

This means we are not reliant on any one single ISP network to route traffic. We are free to route local traffic in a way that ensures the best customer experience.

The end result is a higher quality of service for customers driving traffic between us and Mweb.


25 October

Think Bike think!

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The following sequence of photos shows a close encounter between an unsuspecting motorcyclist (ironically wearing a ‘Think Bike’ bib) as he is overtaken by a pack of high-speed cyclists riding in the West Coast Express race. In frame is Team RSAWEB rider Rob Quinn as he leads the pack sprint.


25 October

Team RSAWEB wins West Coast Express

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The second race of the Pro Classic Series took place this past Sunday, with Team RSAWEB taking first place, extending our lead at the top of the leader board after 2 (out of 5) races.


22 October

Mover-Shaker Special Offer

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Frustrated with your current web hosting provider? Need to move in a hurry? We can help.

Till the end of October, we’re extending a life-line to those who can’t afford to spend another minute with their current hosting provider, and need an exit strategy fast.

Our Mover-Shaker Special offers those who wish to transfer their web hosting from their current provider to RSAWEB a chance to do so seamlessly, and receive the first 2 months hosting FREE OF CHARGE at the same time! Help us help you.

Lets recap:
Initiate transfer of your Linux web hosting to RSAWEB before the end of October (starting today), and we’ll give you:

- Full technical assistance to transfer your hosting seamlessly.
- 2 months hosting FREE OF CHARGE.

To move your site, simply sign-up for the package you require, on www.rsaweb.co.za and make sure you specify that you wish to transfer an existing domain.

NB: This special is only available on all our Linux Web Hosting packages, and applies to transfers from other Linux Web Hosting packages only.

Get Moving.

21 October

New .me domains available & good news for bloggers

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.me Domains

The increasingly popular .me domains are now available for registration via www.rsaweb.co.za. These doomains are great for creating personalised, fun or creative URLs for your company website or personal online blog. Eg. firstnamesurname.me or pleasecall.me .

Use our advanced domain search tool to help you find a domain that is available for registration, and then choose whether you want to make it active on a hosting package, or simply park it for future use.

Go grab them now!