27 July

Supporting Mandela Day 2010

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Mandela Day 2010 was celebrated on former president, Nelson Mandela’s 91st birthday, on July 18th.  The celebration of this day is an effort to encourage all South Africans to perform a selfless task to help their community… 67 minutes for 67 years. The 67 years is a reflection of the time Nelson Mandela spent fighting for the rights of humanity – from his pivotal role in the anti-apartheid struggle, to his presidency and finally his work as mediator in peace talks and as an AIDS activist.


23 July

New .co domains now available

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So you missed out on the big .com boom and had to settle with an alternative domain name. Well, now you have a second chance to get your business connected to an international domain name, as RSAWEB announces the availability of .co domain extensions.

Domain extensions are the categories of Internet domain names, and selecting one used to be relatively easy. If you were a business, you’d prefer a .com domain name because it is a highly recognised symbol for having a business presence on the Internet. .co.za is the country code for South Africa, and the .co portion indicates the domain name is for commercial purposes (similar to the .com extension). And if you were a Non-Profit Organisation or a trade association, you’d generally use the .org extension. Simple right?

Well, at RSAWEB we like to give you an abundance of choices, and offer you domain extensions from .net to .tv and so much more! Our extensive list of domain extensions now includes: .co and .fm.