21 May

How we provided free WiFi at a tech conference for 900+ delegates

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Apart from great organisation, speakers, and coffee, conference delegates generally rate WiFi connectivity as one of the most important needs at a conference. So, while the word spread that the number of registered Net Prophet delegates (Net Prophet is a South African conference we sponsor) was fast approaching the 900 mark, we were meticulously plotting how we were going to provide free WiFi; whilst trying to figure out exactly how many devices would be connected on the day, and at any given time.

From last year’s conference (400 delegates), we learnt that balancing the load across eight 1mb/s connections was simply not going to cut it this time. We needed to find something that would allow 900+ delegates to freely tweet, upload, download, check emails, send emails and chat to their friends who were missing out on the conference.

that's the thing with WiFi - when it works so well nobody notices! #NetProphet #RSAWEBMay 13, 2010 12:05 pm via TweetDeck


Some of the challenges that face conference WiFi are:

  1. Providing enough back-haul Internet capacity
  2. Limiting per user download and upload speed
  3. WiFi coverage within the venue
  4. Wireless interference
  5. Wireless Access Point congestion

Net Prophet takes the form of a one day conference held in a large conference facility. We calculated that we would need an Internet back-haul link total with the capacity of about 20Mb/s down and 10Mb/s up to give the largely tech crowd a great experience. We provisioned this directly from our Data Centre in Cape Town via 2 5.8Ghz point to point wireless links to the roof of the conference venue. More

11 May

RSAWEB hosts 2oceansvibe – SA’s most popular blog!

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Guess what… We’ve been hosting South Africa’s most popular blog since May 2009! Seth Rotherham, local high profile blogger and lifestyle extraordinaire, is author of the award winning 2oceansvibe blog.

2oceansvibe raked in several awards at the 2009 SA Blog Awards, including SA’s best overall blog, best entertainment and most humorous – to name but a few. It also boasts rather impressive stats like 50,000 unique readers and 200,000 page views per month. Not too bad, considering the guy’s mantra is “work is a sideline, live the holiday.”

Seth decided to move over to us when his previous hosting providers conducted an upgrade to their hosting infrastructure. Unfortunately, their desired results didn’t quite materialise, and instead caused the 2oceansvibe site to go down. Our RSAWEB Geeks quickly worked their magic to fix the site. We took a snapshot of the site (all files and database), pulled a copy of the broken site, and stitched it all together with the backup to re-build the site on our hosting server. All this was done in a matter of 2 days, with minimal interruption and no downtime to the 2oceansvibe site.

Seth thought this was awesome, and then moved all the domains for his site over to us – “RSAWEB did a great job fixing up my site when I needed it most. Thanks for keeping the good vibes flowing!”

06 May

A Cloud Hosting first for SA

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For months we have been Tweeting about our mysterious Secret Project. Today, the cat is finally out the bag.

We are very proud to announce the launch and immediate availability of True Cloud Servers – a cloud hosting platform that allows users to deploy and provision fully operational servers in just seconds. The first of its kind in South Africa, True Cloud Servers offer benefits previously unavailable to businesses hosting locally.


30 April

RSAWEB supports the tech entrepreneurs of tomorrow

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RSAWEB is proud to be a silver sponsor of the non-profit initiative Net Prophet, a free conference geared towards inspiring and equipping technology entrepreneurs, which takes place on the 13th of May 2010 at the Old Mutual Campus Courtyard, West Campus, Mutual Park.

The event, which is hosted by the RAMP Foundation, brings together the most innovative / successful / creative / ambitious thinkers and entrepreneurs in the local Internet space, to share their stories, ideas and predictions for the future. The event is not just for people within the tech industry, but is beneficial for anyone who has web-based business interests. More

16 April

What we can learn from Shaun White

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Shaun White began his life with a challenge that most would not begin to comprehend. Born with a congenital heart defect, Shaun endured two open-heart operations before his first birthday. This however, did not discourage him. At 4 years of age, Shaun showed a sense of fearlessness as he raced down mountain slopes, chasing his older brother, Jesse, on skis. In an attempt to slow him down, his mother put him on a snowboard, and instructed him to copy everything his brother did. Her idea of slowing Shaun down did the exact opposite.