01 April

iBurst Prices Slashed

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IburstiBurst, South Africa’s favorite wireless broadband has slashed prices by up to 25%. The packages have also be refined to simplify their structure. All the info regarding the new iBurst packages is here. Call an RSAWEB consultant or complete an online application now, to get iBurst now!

13 March

RSAWEB is moving office

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RSAWEB is moving its Cape Town office today (Thursday 13 March) and Tomorrow (Friday 14 March). All office based staff and equipment will be moving to smart new offices in the Avalon Building in Hope Street, Cape Town. Our Datacenter will remain unaffected, so don’t worry no servers will be moved over this period. Unfortunately our Telkom lines will be moving tomorrow, so please bear with us as Telkom attend to this. For urgent support during this time, please continue to log support requests on MYRSAWEB, or email support at rsaweb.co.za.

Here is a Map to the new office:

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26 February

Team RSAWEB Action Cricket Debut.

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Team RSAWEB has notched up another convincing win, this time in the action cricket arena.

Batting first, the challengers, Quirk eMarketing, posted 51 runs after suffering a major collapse in their middle oder. RSAWEB followed up with a clinical 119, and explosive batting performance by Russel Gordon, scoring 27 off just 11 balls.

Special thanks to Quirk for organizing the event.

Find out more about how Team RSAWEB sponsors the real heroes of sports: those who compete with the fervor of professional athletes, but still maintain a full time ‘day job’.

12 February

Google Calculator tips

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Google can be used for a lot more than just searching the web, and the average person only uses a fraction of its functionality. Did you know you can use Google as a currency converter too. Try type this into Google, 1 dollar in rand. Here is how it works:

Google Calculator

You Can also get help while cooking, have you ever wondered how many teaspoons are in a half cup? type half a cup in teaspoons:

Google Calculator tips

From the title of this post you were probably wondering how to use the standard calculator functionality, try typing 1*25/5+9 and you will get the answer= 14.

06 February

IPv6 milestone reached

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IPv6 ReadyThis week, out of the UK, Root and Master level Domain Name servers began returning address records that have the ability to map domain names to IPv6 addresses. This means that the foundation blocks are in place for all domain names to directly map to IPv6 addresses, enabling the controversial move to the new form of IP addressing .

This development means that Browsers and Email can now directly address domain names to an IPv6 IP address without the use of an intermediary device, essentially paving the way for the next form of the Internet. The shift to the longer IPv6 IP address scheme has been in the pipeline for more than 10 years, and it looks like the final piece of the puzzle is now in place.

I wonder if this will encourage the adoption of the new addresses, as IPV4 addresses become more difficult to obtain, and the internet reaches the end of its current “number of users”. ISP’s in South Africa will be watching these developments closely, although there are still a few technical challenges that need to be worked out, as well as a few South African addressing nuances.