18 April

New Capped Business ADSL packages launched

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Business ADSLRSAWEB has launched new Capped Business ADSL packages that extend the range of choice for business’s requiring static IP addresses. These packages are not limited to a certain speed but rather utilise the full capacity of your ADSL line. The new Fibre packages can run up to 4MB/s.

These packages add to the current uncapped solutions, are more cost effective for users doing less traffic and need the higher download speeds. They are also based on fibre via the international SAT3 connection reducing the number of issues created by satellite links.

These new packages will enable customers to run lower cost operations for business connectivity allowing more stable VPN solutions, VoIP, onsite servers, email and other services requiring stable connectivity.

Have a look at the new Fibre Business ADSL 4MB/s packages here

17 April

Free Auto-Dynamic DNS moves to Beta phase

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Auto-Dynamic DNSRSAWeb ADSL customers can now test an easy to use Auto-Dynamic DNS facility that requires no client software to use.

Dynamic DNS allows a name to be updated on a regular basis for internet connections that change their public IP address often. This allows various services to work more efficiently. For example, RSAWeb Engineers use this functionality to connect to remote sites for maintenance, instead of having to try and connect to a dynamic (changing) IP address each time, dynamic DNS converts an easy name into the IP. This name stays the same but the IP address changes regularly.

All RSAWeb customers have easy access to this functionality by port-locking their ADSL connection through the MyRSAWeb control panel. Port-locking has the added advantage of allowing your username and password to work only on your ADSL line. The DNS name will be issued to you from MyRSAWeb.

In the past to use dynamic DNS you had to install client software on the customers server, this usually fairly unreliable due as the service connected to international servers, this meant that any disruption in international connectivity meant the dynamic DNS didnt update causing loss of connectivity, lost email and making it more difficult to manage remote sites.

All RSAWeb Capped ADSL accounts include free Dynamic DNS.

16 April

Another RSAWEB Winner

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RSAWEB WinnerA big Shoutout goes to Fransie Wolstenholme from Parow, the winner of our Sellout Magazine SMS competition. Fransie walked away with a stylish Samsung LCD Monitor for the cost of just one SMS. We’ll also be announcing the winner of our ipod touch competition shortly, so watch this space…

All RSAWEB customers:
You can still participate in our ‘Q & A with RSAWEB competition’ – where you could win a 2GB MP3 Player/Flash Drive, by telling us: “What is the one extra thing that would make RSAWEB totally awesome?” click here to participate.

10 April

Join us in the online boardroom

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Mp3 playerBelieve it or not, our customers have a big say in how we run our business. Unfortunately, we just can’t fit you all in our boardroom! Instead we’ve created ‘Q & A with RSAWEB – an online questionnaire, that gives you the opportunity have your say on how things run round here. This month we’re offering an 2GB MP3 Player / Flash Drive to the best answer to our ‘What is the one EXTRA thing that would make RSAWEB totally awesome?’ question you’ll find in the questionnaire. (you must be an RSAWEB client to participate)

Click here to take part.

10 April

Should I host my website locally?

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Host in SAIf you’ve done your homework, you’ll have noticed that web-hosting fees normally include costs for bandwidth usage (This covers the transfer of data from your website to the browser’s PC), much like an ADSL package. You may have also noted that bandwidth costs are significantly cheaper overseas in countries like the USA. So if you’re following me, the logical assumption is that you should host your website overseas, where you can enjoy lower bandwidth costs right?

Well, NOT exactly. Location plays a big part in how fast your website is. Fortunately RSAWEB offers you the option to host either locally or internationally, depending on what the needs of your target market are:

Local Hosting
If your website does a lot of South African traffic, hosting locally will give you faster download times and better reliability. Businesses like real-estate agents, online retailers, financial services & business directories that rely heavily on a web presence to run their businesses, enjoy the optimal performance of hosting locally.For larger websites that require dedicated resources we have a range of locally hosted Linux Managed Servers that are housed in our own Data Centres in SA.

International Hosting
Smaller websites, like individual blogs, small businesses, schools & NGO’s benefit from the cost savings associated with hosting internationally. International or export based business’s can also benifit from being closer to their market, by choosing one of our USA hosted packages eg.Beginner Hosting. You will still receive one bill from RSAWEB in rands, and all of your web hosting’s, whether hosted in SA or the USA will be managed through the MyRSAWEB control panel.

Still confused? speak to one of our account managers on: 0861 RSAWEB.