26 August

A mobile phone retrospective

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It’s easy to take for granted how far mobile phone technology has come in such a short space of time. Once a simple communication device, the mobile handset has evolved into a serious business/communications tool that most would feel completely lost without.

RSAWEB TV chats to gadget guru Noel Ross-Gillespie about the progression of mobile technology – the past, present and future.

21 August

FREE Tickets for District 9 opening night!

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District 9 Movie

The whole world is talking about home-grown movie phenomenon District 9. I’m sure you’re just as eager to go see it as we are. Just so happens we’re giving away 15 tickets for opening night next week Friday at Cavendish Classic, Cape Town!

All you have to do to stand a chance of winning one of these tickets is become a fan on our RSAWEB Facebook Fan Page. (to become a fan, all you need to do is login to Facebook, go the RSAWEB Fan Page, and click on the button at the top of the page that says ‘become a fan’)

The winners will be announced next week.

19 August

New home-grown Twitter innovation

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TwitsuméWhite Wall Web has just launched an exciting new home-grown Twitter application called Twitsumé, which allows Twitter users to capture and share their résumés with the world and immediate Twitter networks.

RSAWEB TV caught up with Peter Flynn, MD of White Wall Web to chat about this new innovation:

18 August

RSAWEB TV is born

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We’re proud to announce the launch of RSAWEB TV – a video platform that will enable us to tell our story in a more dynamic manner than ever before.

RSAWEB is alive with activity. There are many new exciting products, projects, Team RSAWEB adventures, industry insights, social investment projects, new technologies and other interesting developments we’re itching to talk about – all of which we hope to capture through the RSAWEB TV lens.

You’ll also get to meet the people behind the brand, see our lighter side, and get better feel for what we’re all about.

In our first episode, co-founders Rob Gilmour and Mark Slingsby talk about their preparations for the Cape Epic 2010. Enjoy.

27 July

The benefits of Virtualisation

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RSAWEB Virtual Servers

Virtualisation in the context of hosting has come a long way in recent years. Creating and using VM’s was once a risky business, used only by the brave on low risk projects.

These days, virtualisation is fast becoming an industry standard, as the technology behind it has matured, offering a totally robust and reliable product. Businesses across the globe are already taking advantage of the overwhelming benefits that virtualisation provides:

Better utilisation of resources
Multiple virtual servers / applications can be consolidated onto fewer sets of physical hardware, making better usage of physical resources. Though the virtual environment is ‘shared’ across physical hardware, each virtual server still has its own dedicated physical resources (RAM, CPU etc.).

Reduced risk
The architecture of Virtual environments allows for more redundancies (such as centralized SAN storage) to be built in, significantly reducing down-time in the event of hardware or software failure. Things can fail independently. For instance, one operating system can fail while others running on the same machine continue to function normally.

Virtual servers consist of a single system file, which means you can easily create a backup copy of your entire VM. If you encounter problems, you can replace your existing VM with your backup copy.

Scalability, Flexibility and Availability
The process of ‘installing’ new servers or allocating additional resources to a particular virtual server is now faster and easier to achieve, it can be done in minutes instead of having to do a physical machine upgrade and buying new hardware. We can just ‘turn it on’ by giving your system more RAM, CPU and storage.

Combined with shared storage device, virtualisation enables you to migrate from one physical machine to another without a single second of downtime allowing easier maintenance of physical hardware. Should a server have a hardware issue, the virtual machines can quickly and easily be restarted on another physical set of hardware, minimising any downtime.

It’s Greener
Better utilisation of resources reduces energy consumption in data centre environments. As much as 70% energy consumption can be achieved in most cases.

RSAWEB has extensive experience with virtualisation technology in various different applications. Many of our Dedicated Server & Managed Hosting Server customers are currently utilising virtual platforms to great effect. Give us a shout to find out how virtualisation can benefit you.