19 January

Technologies that will shape 2010

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With the new-year in full swing, lets take a look at what strategic technologies we think are already beginning to take root, and will play a big role in shaping IT in South Africa during 2010:

1. Cloud based Technologies
With the success and rapid adoption of cloud based technologies in international markets, it’s only a matter of time before this game-changer reaches our shores, offering services that are faster to market than ever before. Expect some big developments in this space from RSAWEB in the near future.

2. Modular Data Center design
A more modular approach to data centre design will be employed, only providing resources for space being utilized. Previously, newly-built data centers often had huge areas of vacant floor space, fully powered and backed by an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), water-and air-cooled while they were predominantly empty.

3. Flash Memory
Flash memory is not a new technology, but it is only now beginning to gain momentum as the price drops with increasing demand.

According to international research company Gartner, at the current rate of price drops, this technology will enjoy more than a 100 percent compound annual growth rate during the new few years and become strategic in many IT areas including consumer devices, entertainment equipment and other embedded IT systems.

4. Virtualization for Availability
Recent developments in virtualization technology such as live migration, has brought a new focus on this technology, which now provides higher availability than before. Such developments will allow for the cost and complexity systems to be reduced.

5. Mobile Applications
An often overlooked factor in a country that has 3 times more mobile internet users than broadband users. By the end of 2010, Gartner predicts that world wide 1.2 billion people will carry handsets capable of rich, mobile commerce providing a prosperous environment for the convergence of mobility and the Web.

18 December

How to park a domain name

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Domain_ParkingDomain name choice is a critical factor for any online venture. Securing the right domain name will maximize the amount of search engine traffic that comes to your site, maintain brand consistency and make sure you’re easy to find on the web.

Those with foresight can book or ‘park’ their desired domains, so that they can own the domain without having to pay the monthly hosting costs while they are not using it. This can prove useful if you have an idea for a blog/business/ecommerce site, and want to secure a domain name ahead of time or even if you see a particular domain that will become valuable to you in the future.

Parking a domain with RSAWEB is easy and cost effective. All you pay for is the annual domain registration cost, and parking fee of R25 per annum. So for example, if you wanted to park www.thisismysupernewdomain.co.za, it would cost you R50 per annum for the registration and R25 for the parking – a total cost of R75 per annum (R6.25 per month). When you want to start using your domain, simply order a web hosting package, and you’re ready to go live.

Ready to get parking?
Check if the domain you want to purchase is available using our domain search tool.

08 December

2010 Cape Epic – Interview with Burry Stander

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We caught up with U23 UCI World MTB champ and Durban local, Burry Stander at a recent Cape Epic event.

Burry, one of South Africa’s brightest cycling prospects, took some time to share with us his thoughts on the 2010 Cape Epic, what it’s like riding with international mountain biking legend Christoph Sauser and some advice for first time Epic riders taking on the race in 2010.

Burry and Christoph will be one of the big teams to watch at the 2010 Cape Epic.

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02 December

2010 Cape Epic – Interview with Riaan Manser

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We recently bumped into legendary solo adventurer Riaan Manser at the Cape Epic route launch in Johnannesburg. In this video, Riaan shares his thoughts on the 2010 Cape Epic, his latest Madagascar adventure, leg shaving and why beards are making comeback.

Riaan is famous for his incredible solo circumnavigation of Africa, covering a staggering 37, 000km and 34 countries on a mountain bike, and more recently becoming the first person to successfully kayak 5000km around Madagascar, alone and unaided.

Riaan uses his adventures as a means to build awareness around the dire poverty in Africa, and runs several social upliftment programs that can be found on his website www.africa365.co.za.

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01 December

Team RSAWEB Cape Epic 2010 Mission

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Team RSAWEB have officially announced that they have entered 3 teams (6 riders) into the 2010 Cape Epic mountain bike race as part of their Team RSAWEB Cape Epic 2010 Mission, which includes not only participating teams and support crew, but also extensive media coverage of the event.

The Cape Epic is the world’s largest and most televised stage mountain bike race, drawing a mix of over 1200 amateur and professional riders from all around the globe to our home soil, where they must endure 722kms of SA’s toughest mountain biking terrain for 8 consecutive days. A gargantuan test of mind and body, many aim just to finish and survive to tell the tale.

As this epic adventure unfolds, we’ll be posting a series of videos chronicling the team’s progress, the race action as it happens and all the previously untold behind-the-scenes stories that take place over the duration of the race.

Traveling within close proximity to all the action, our mobile media team will be there to keep race followers on the web informed via tweets, blogs and up-to-the-minute video coverage of the race.

In our first video, we invite you to meet team members Nic, Simon, Rob and Mark. Enjoy.

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